key series product overview

The latest generation of pain treatment

The medkey pushes the boundaries of the possible and rounds off the key series at the top. Together with the keypad, it confidently masters the defined requirement of being even faster, more precise and more individual. Regardless of whether it is in the overall appearance or in the technical finesse, in the new medkey there is innovation in every detail. The perfect assistance for doctors and therapists, especially for teams in larger facilities.

Pain treatment with the physiokey

The physiokey is used by patients of all age groups with a wide variety of complaints. The handy and mobile device stimulates the body’s self-regulation through bioadaptive impulses. The vegetative nervous system is positively influenced and the body’s own adaptation and regulation processes strengthen the immune system and show the body a path to self-healing. The aim of treatment with the physiokey is rapid pain relief and functional improvement.

Pain relief and regeneration for on the go and at home

Keytec developed the sanakey specifically for use by patients under medical prescription, with the aim of relieving pain in acute and chronic complaints as well as rapid regeneration. The handy device relies on a perfect price-performance ratio. Thanks to the proven bioadaptive impulse therapy, the vegetative nervous system and thus the body’s own adaptation processes are positively influenced. This strengthens the immune system and shows the body a way to help itself.

We treat acute and chronic complaints with bioadaptive impulse therapy.

Key technology enables constant skin and tissue resistance measurements, which individually adapts each therapy impulse to the respective body situation. The aim of our therapy is rapid pain relief and function.

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