nshealth is Australia’s leading pain and recovery clinic using bioadaptive impulse therapy with physiokey and sanakey.

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At NS Health, our emphasis is on resolving the source of the pain, not merely masking or covering it up.

Our therapy may be effective in reducing pain, reducing swelling and inflammation, and reducing muscular spasm and as a result giving improved function, flexibility, and accelerated healing time.

From humble beginnings in 2005 we have pioneered the bioadaptive impulse therapy clinic concept, operating a successful specialist pain relief clinic in Sydney. 

Based in Dee Why, on Sydney’s northern beaches, NS Health is now sought out by the general public as well as elite sportsman and Olympic and World champions as it continues to provide outstanding results for both acute and chronic injuries and painful conditions alike.

A referral for an appointment is not necessary.

pain relief and recovery

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  • recent injuries
  • post surgery
  • chronic pain
  • neuropathic pain

key therapy treatment

how we help:

  • we treat your pain on the first visit
  • each treatment is individual
  • we help get you out of pain
  • pain relief. recovery. fast.

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our team

ceo I pain relief specialist I author I trainer & keynote speaker

Chris Mortensen


In the field of bioadaptive impulse therapy Chris is regarded as one of the world’s most experienced practitioners, educators, and presenters. He has spent the past 18 years pioneering bioadaptive impulse therapy in Australia.

His passion for treating and educating people about this technology has earned him a worldwide reputation and he is sought by patients in Australia and abroad as well as elite and World Champion athletes to treat painful conditions and injuries as well as help facilitate winning performances.



Lesia Mortensen

Lesia loves learning about the body and has studied Nutrition and Biomedical Science to further her understanding and skills.  Having completed a BSc in human Physiology, Lesia will complete a Graduate Certificate in Nutrition in 2021 and has accepted a place to study Women’s Health Medicine at the University of New South Wales.  “My scientific studies have taught me so much about functionality and systems of the human body.  I believe it is central to guiding my treatments and gaining the best outcomes using key device technology”.


coo l key therapy snr practitioner l practice manager

css I woofing relief specialist I clinic support specialist

Reji Mortensen

In the field of bioadaptive impulse therapy, Reji is regarded as one of the most experienced clinic supports in Australia.