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Benefit from training for key series devices
from the experience and
know-how of professionals!

Live workshops and online training

Training is an important part of all the Key series devices to get the most out of your device and to use it effectively and efficiently. Whether it be via the free App and online videos for the sanakey home use device or live and online workshops for the professional physiokey and medkey devices, like all Key series pain relief device users, you can benefit from the experience and know-how of recognized doctors and allied health practitioners in both Australia and Europe.

Through you can gain up-to-date, online and hands-on training from experienced professionals using Key series devices in their practice everyday! Whether you are a home user or professional – learn from the best and take advantage of both comprehensive live and online training resources such as videos, downloadable treatment protocols, up-to-date user manuals and more.

Check out our training options for sanakey, physiokey and medkey pain relief devices below.

Online training options

Live workshops in Australia

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