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physiokey electodes instructional videos

Use your physiokey device effectively with these instructional videos.


matrix electrode

The matrix interchangeable head is the right choice for treatments of the myofacial system and for connective tissue in general.



trigger electrode

The trigger interchangeable head is used, primarily for the treatment of small joints and ingrained trigger points. At the same time, it is ideal for small muscles.




hair electrode

The hair electrode interchangeable head consists of 41 rounded teeth which allow for perfect skin contact.  Perfect for treatment of hairy areas and animals.



leads electrode head

The leads electrode head attachment greatly extends the capabilities of the sanakey, enabling extended treatment on hard-to-reach painful areas by attaching adhesive electrode pads.



fascia-flow electrode

Combine with your practised manual techniques for fascia and trigger points: pinpoint accuracy – inspired by your thumb! Increase your treatment success while decreasing fatigue of your hands! Treat patients with the highest precision by combining this innovative extension of your physiokey.



conductive electrode gloves

The Conductive Electrode Gloves (2 in a set) are perfect for treating your entire hand.  You can use both on your left and right hand.  The stretchable knitted fabric allows for a perfect snug one size fits all.  It is an easy and effective alternative way of applying electro-therapy to either larger concentrated areas, more fragile and delicate areas and/or out of reach areas.  The patient will receive 100% coverage of the garment treatment area due to the high silver content woven through the entire garment.

Note:  required the Leads head electrode attachment.


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