Unique in design and function

approx. 6h operating period

Colour display 8.9cm

ISO 13485

Touch Control

Micro USB Recharge

Telephone Support

Just how you need it!

The physiokey is equipped with an interchangeable eletrode head. This makes it as flexible as possible, enabling different electrode heads to be used for different clinical applications and easily adapted to suit the treatment you want to perform.  It has a round interchangeable electrode head as standard. Other interchangeable heads can be attached using a click-locking mechanism.  physiokey can easily be adapted to suit the treatment you want to perform.  With comprehensive online training provided via www.keytraining.online and through optional live workshops, the physiokey can easily be integrated with physiotherapy, chiropractic, occupational therapy, acupuncture, athletic trainers, massage, as well as most therapies aiming for pain relief and rehabilitation following injury, surgery, trauma or illness.

(incl. Basic Online Training)


The matrix interchangeable head is the right choice for treatments of the myofacial system and for connective tissue in general.



The trigger interchangeable head is used, primarily for the treatment of ingrained trigger points.  At the same time, it is ideal for small muscles.



hair electrode

The hair electrode interchangeable head consists of 41 rounded teeth which allow for perfect skin contact.  Perfect for treatment of hairy areas and animals.


leads electrode head

The leads electrode head attachment greatly extends the capabilities of the sanakey, enabling extended treatment on hard-to-reach painful areas by attaching adhesive electrode pads.



Combine with your practised manual techniques for fascia and trigger points: pinpoint accuracy – inspired by your thumb! Increase your treatment success while decreasing fatigue of your hands! Treat patients with the highest precision by combining this innovative extension of your physiokey.


base station

The base station is a charging station that offers a safe position for storing and charging your physiokey or sanakey.



This high quality case stand fits your physiokey or sanakey as well as all interchangeable heads, the charging station and charger plug.


florentine gold cream

We use and recommend Natural Harmony Body and Joint Rub when using the Key-phoresis mode on both the physiokey and sanakey. Ingredients: Purified Water, Natural Plant Gel, Natural Crystal Mineral Salts, Cold Pressed Neoloidi Bean Oil, Pure Essential Lavender Oil, Pure Essential Eucalyptus Oil, Germin bin. 100ml


Available in the professional set

The professional set includes the physiokey, all of the interchangeable heads pictured, user manual, charging plug, case and Basic online training and case are also included. 

The professional set includes:
  • physiokey

  • Charging cable

  • Base station

  • Matrix Electrode Head

  • Trigger Electrode Head

  • Comb Electrode Head

  • Leads Electrode Head

  • Premium Electrode Pads (not pictured)

  • Carrying Case

  • Instruction Manual


Dimension and technical data



dimension :                                      185 x 51 x 28 mm (L x W x H)

weight:                                            150g

connection:                                      Micro USB


electroniccharging voltage:               5V +/- 0,5V max.

Charging time:                                  ca. 180 min

Typical operating period                    6h (depending on the mode)