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A real masterpiece:
the medkey professional pain relief system

Key Features

With tablet and highpro scanner

Your medkey pain relief system assists you by documenting areas you have treated for how long and how successfully. Once saved, this information is always retrievable for you – automatically with a few clicks!

Intuitive with IPS full-touch display

With the new full-touch display, your new medkey is more intuitive to operate. Through scrolling and swiping, you can move easily through the various menus and lock the display exactly when you need. The medkey acknowledges every input with sound and vibration feedback. Of course, only if you choose it to do so!

Simple and easy to use device

Each fixed program is even more variable with the additional options “soft” and “intensive” to refine the approach to your patient’s individuality. This gives you a total of 30 variations that you can add with just one click.

Convenient charging thanks to induction

You can charge your medkey very easily thanks to induction. Just place it in the base station and you’re done. With the base station, you can also charge your smartphone at the same time by placing it on the front area.

The latest generation of pain relief therapy


The medkey professional pain relief system pushes the boundaries of the possible. Together with the keypad, it confidently masters the defined requirement of being even faster, more precise and more individual than other key series pain relief devices. Regardless of whether it is in the overall appearance or in the technical finesse, in the new medkey there is innovation in every detail. The perfect assistant for health professionals and allied health practitioners, especially for practitioners in larger clinics.



Document the progress of therapy with the Highpro scanner & keypad

Highpro scanner
An unbeatable team: the Highpro Scanner & keypad
With the revolutionary Highpro scanner you can graphically display every movement of the medkey on your patient’s body in real time on the keypad.
Highpro scanner
Revolutionary interchangeable head with semi-artificial intelligence
The Highpro scanner is an interchangeable electrode head for your medkey. It has semi-artificial intelligence, a motion sensor and an integrated independent microprocessor.
Highpro scanner
Optical sensor with real-time data transfer
The Highpro scanner communicates independently with the medkey via a bus system. The results are sent in real-time to the keypad and can be graphically displayed – live.
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Bioadaptive impulse therapy with the medkey

medkey areas of application

Individual settings

The medkey professional pain relief system offers 30 pre-set programs with which you can treat a variety of painful complaints. However, you can customise further via personal settings. As an experienced health professional, you can set your favourite pain therapy settings on your keypad and then transfer them to your medkey. This allows you to customise your medkey professional pain relief device to your needs and expand the range of functions with your favourite personal pain therapy settings.

Guidance for you and your colleagues

If needed, the medkey professional pain relief system will guide you and your colleagues according to your instructions. Your colleagues can be guided through the therapy and see live on the keypad where the optimal pain relief treatment access points or areas for therapy are located. The keypad supports you with an exact documentation of the therapy along with the integrated media library, with easy-to-follow training videos of the treatment process.

Fully mobile

The medkey professional pain relief system is extremely portable and can be used anywhere. Thanks to new materials, it is extremely robust and the battery life has been improved to approx. 10 hours. This makes the medkey professional pain relief system perfect for use on site with high-performance sports.

Examples of the medkey application for acute and chronic pain

Fascia Therapy

Trigger point treatment

Neck Pain & Back Pain

Functional disorders

Joint pain

Muscular dysfunction

Functions of the medkey and keypad

With the medkey and the keypad, four different functions and possible uses are available to you. You can use these to treat your patients in different ways.



In this mode, medkey works with bidirectional and adapted impulses. A total of 30 special programs are available.


In diagnostic mode, the medkey uses numerical values to show you the optimal treatment point for the highest possible chance of success.


Document your progress with the medkey and keypad. Exact documentation records treatment areas, settings and therapy duration.


Keyphoresis is a type of iontophoresis and allows the use of acidic and   alkaline external agents.

Learn everything about medkey with

Benefit from the experience and specialist knowledge of professionals who have been working with the products of the key series and bioadaptive impulse therapy for a long time. Learn the basics of therapy and treatment with the medkey. 

Technical finesse in every detail

medkey device description

Li-Ion battery technology

Dimensions: 195 x 55 x 38 mm (L x W x H)

Up to 12 hours of running time

Weight: 220g

2.4 “IPS full-touch display

Induction charge

Charging voltage: 5V +/- 0.5V max.

Charging time: approx. 180 minutes

Choose from 3 colours

Elegantly coordinated in black and anthracite, with brushed ring electrode and dark display.

High quality in white, black and gray with a high-gloss polished ring electrode and a dark display.

Balanced fine in white and gray with high-gloss polished ring electrode and white display.

Components of your medkey

Thanks to the various interchangeable heads, your medkey is as flexible as possible. Use the standard attachment, the revolutionary Highpro scanner or the completely redesigned interchangeable comb head, which ensures even better contact. Our proven interchangeable heads trigger, matrix, cable connector and fascia flow are also available to you.

Smartphone empty? No problem!

Your medkey is charged by induction. Complicated plugging in, checking the correct status and checking the charge status are a thing of the past.

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