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physiokey professional pain relief device

physiokey for pain relief and functional improvement

The physiokey professional pain relief device is a non-invasive treatment option that utilises bioadaptive feedback to stimulate the body’s natural pain-relieving mechanisms. It works by applying high-density, biofeedback-controlled pulse stimulation to cutaneous nerves, which activate reflective zones and acupuncture points on the skin’s surface. This process triggers the body’s self-regulation processes and promotes the rapid pain relief and functional improvement.

The device has been used by practitioners to treat a wide variety of both acute and chronic complaints. Clinical experience with the physiokey over a period of seven years has shown that over 80% of patients report a significant change in their symptoms post-treatment. This suggests that the physiokey is a promising tool for pain management and functional improvement.

The functional principle of bioadaptive impulse therapy

1. Impulse emission

The first impulse is emitted in the physiokey as soon as there is skin contact.

2. Pulse absorption

This impulse, however, only penetrates the skin in the range of a tenth of a millimetre. The receptors of the skin then process this stimulus.

3. Pulse transmission

Once the impulse has been absorbed by the body, the information is transferred to the spinal and neurohumoral levels.

4. Impluse adaptation

The “response reaction” in the form of a change in tissue resistance properties is measured by physiokey within microseconds. The renewed impulse delivery is then already adapted to this “body response”.

physiokey areas of application

In everyday practice

The physiokey professional pain relief device is used for patients of all ages with a wide variety of symptoms for both acute and chronic complaints.

On rounds or home visits

The physiokey professional pain relief device fits easily in your pocket. Once charged, the high-quality lithium-ion battery ensures long-term use.

Fully mobile

The physiokey professional pain relief device is extremely portable and can be used anywhere. Thanks to high quality materials, it is extremely robust and makes the physiokey professional pain relief device perfect for use on site with high-performance sports.

Precision treatment with Diagnostic mode

The physiokey professional pain relief device offers precision treatment through its Diagnostic mode, which involves a two-step process for effective treatment.

1. Localisation of Treatment Areas: The first step involves localising optimal treatment areas on the body. This localisation is supported and enhanced by dual-evaluated measured numerical readings displayed on the TFT (Thin Film Transistor) display. These readings provide valuable information to practitioners, assisting them in identifying the most effective areas for treatment.

2. Intensive Treatment with Pinpoint Accuracy: Following the localisation of treatment areas, the device delivers an intensive treatment with pinpoint accuracy. During this phase, the physiokey adjusts its impulse output continuously based on measurements of skin resistance. This ensures that the treatment is precisely tailored to the individual’s needs and responses. Additionally, these measurements can automatically signal to the practitioner when the treatment is complete, enhancing efficiency and effectiveness.

Moreover, the physiokey offers an additional feature known as “Keyphoresis.” This feature allows for a modified form of iontophoresis, which is particularly useful after therapy sessions. Keyphoresis enables practitioners to work external substances such as ointments and creams into the skin, enhancing the overall therapeutic outcome.

Overall, the combination of precise localisation, intensive treatment with pinpoint accuracy, and the option for Keyphoresis makes the physiokey a comprehensive and effective pain relief device for practitioners.

physiokey functions

The physiokey offers you three different forms of treatment – all in one device:


In this mode, physiokey works with bidirectional and adapted impulses. A total of 11 special programs are available.


In diagnostic mode, the physiokey uses numerical values to show you the optimal therapy point for the highest possible chance of success.


Keyphoresis is a type of iontophoresis and allows the use of acidic and alkaline external agents.

A reliable and established pain relief therapy

With all its functions, the physiokey professional pain relief deviceprovides the practitioner with an entire therapy concept. How it is used, whether as an additional option to therapy or as a stand-alone treatment, is up to you! The application with physiokey is a reliable and established pain relief therapy method, used worldwide by thousands of health practitioners.

On the market since 2014, health practitioners are already convinced of the efficiency of this pain relief therapy method. Clinics are among the users, as are doctors in private practice from a wide range of disciplines, as well as physiotherapists and allied health practitioners. physiokey is particularly well established in sports therapy

Examples of the physiokey application in acute and chronic pain

Fascia Therapy

Trigger point treatment

Neck Pain & Back Pain

Functional disorders

Joint pain

Muscular dysfunction - learn physiokey therapy from experienced instructors

Well thought out down to the last detail - the physiokey design

physiokey device description

Li-Ion battery technology

Dimensions: 185 x 51 x 28 mm (L x W x H)

approx. 6 hours running time

Weight: 180g

2.2 “TFT touch display

USB recharge

Charging voltage: 5V +/- 0.5V max.

Charging time: approx. 180 min.

Optional accessories for your physiokey

The physiokey is equipped with an exchangeable head electrode, which makes it extremely flexible. It has a round interchangeable head as standard. Additional interchangeable heads, which are available separately, such as the fascia flow, can be attached using a click mechanism . The physiokey adapts to the type of treatment you want to perform. In order to be as flexible as possible, most users therefore rely on the professional set.

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